THRASS has been designed to provide teachers with a multisensory, phonographic methodology to deliver positive learning outcomes in the literacy skills that are critical in mastering the other cornerstones of basic education.




THRASS builds both content and pedagogical knowledge – and is the only comprehensive phonetics teaching process designed specifically for the teaching of speaking, reading and writing skills of English, as a first or other language.

THRASS is an explicit phonographic approach to teaching reading and spelling skills to learners of any age. It is dependent on the competence, commitment and understanding of the teacher using the pedagogy – and because of its specific learning technique should not be combined with other more widely used and often outdated, letter-to-sound programs.

THRASS does not depend on specific intervention with individual learners but rather focuses on instructing teachers in the technique for whole-class implementation. Rather than being an additional task for an already too-busy teacher to work into a cluttered curriculum, THRASS is designed to form a cornerstone around which the teacher can build their classroom reading and writing activities spanning all areas of the curriculum.

THRASS does not subscribe to a ‘workbook’ model that provides ready-made written lesson plans or workbooks for teachers, but requires genuine commitment and understanding by the teacher.