THRASS is a phonics programme for Teaching Handwriting, Reading & Spelling Skills.


An extensive range of resources assists in the successful implementation of THRASS methodology in the learning environment.


THRASS improves children's reading spelling, auditory, visual, sequential & spatial perceptual skills.


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What is THRASS?

THRASS® is a phonics programme that has been specifically designed to teach children (and adults) about the 44 speech sounds (phonemes) in spoken English and their related 120 keyspellings (graphemes) in written English.

THRASS moves away from the traditional “One Letter Makes One Sound” method of teaching phonics and teaches children that letters can make different sounds depending on the ‘job’ they have to do in different words. For example, the letter “a” makes a different sound in each of the following words: ant; baby; banana; zebra; swan and ball.


Children are made aware of the association between sounds and letters from an early age, and are taught to distinguish between consonant and vowel sounds and to articulate the sounds correctly.





Phonics wrapped up in stories!

The bright and colourful English Phonics Readers sets explore the different spelling choices for each of the 44 sounds in English through delightful and enchanting stories for children.

Through classroom teaching, children have been made aware of these different spelling options, but have only experienced them in lists of words and sentences. Now they will be exposed to as many words as possible through engaging stories.



Each sound has its own special story to allow children to experience the different spelling choices in a storybook context. Certain to enhance any phonics lesson, the Readers are ideal for shared reading at home or at school. The sets comprise 44 books (one for each sound) – with the consonant sounds and their spellings in blue and the vowel sounds and their spellings in red.





THRASS has really opened up my eyes and given me a sense of purpose and direction in my teaching – and has inspired and motivated me to take it all into the classroom.


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